Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Golden Rules for Shopping Online- Part 2

Rule #2 Know your style, know your body, and know what's in your closet!

This seems like a fairly straightforward rule but it can be easy to forget (I have been guilty of doing so countless times). If you are a bargain hunter like myself it is so important that you have a good understanding of your style as well as what works with your body type and what styles tend to be unflattering on you. I can easily get caught up in a sale and order something that really isn't me. Prehaps it's a trendy piece that I don't feel like I can pull off or something that doesn't really go with anything in my wardrobe. If you have a solid understanding of what styles you typically lean toward then you will be more likely to look at an item objectively and ask yourself, "is it really me?" 

Knowing your body is even more important. Everyone is built differently and every label has different sizing, different lengths, and different tailoring. I know there are certain brands that just don't work for me and I know certain styles almost never look good on me (I can not seem to pull off a jumpsuit to save my life). Alternately, there are some labels (especially with jeans) that I can order online and know that they are going to fit perfectly. Of course you can always have an item tailored but this probably isn't practical for every single item you order.

Knowing what's in your closet should seem obvious but how often have you uncovered some hidden treasure hiding in a corner that you'd completely forgotten you even owned? It happens to me all the time. Spending time organizing your closet will give you a better idea of what outfits you can pull together, what essential items you might need, and will help you to avoid purchasing things you may already have or just don't need.

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  1. I love this post. I'm such a scatter-brain when it comes to my style. I'm going to try this and hopefully it will prevent me from purchasing something that is just going to sit in my closet for the next years to come. I want to get on the organizing bandwagon also and mix and match items to come out with more than what the eye can see. <3